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At Fidos Fun we are all about giving your dog a happy safe fun environment where you can also relax knowing they are enjoying the Freedom to Run..  
                                           OOHHH - Freedom to Run, Jump and Play...


Rules of Use - CoronaVirus

LEAVE     On time.  

ONLY        Restriction as per Govt Guidelines on day of hire

WAIT        IF previous person is still in field.  (Report to fidosfun) 

WEAR     Gloves when opening the gateways.



1-2-1 Training & Agility Classes


Located at the gorgeous facilities of

Fidos Training Centre, Binfield 


New to Agility? 
Would you like to improve?
  These classes are perfect for you


Foundation & Improver Classes  

  Fun and a great introduction

to Dog Agility.


Advanced Class
Great for handlers wanting to improve their technique and skill. 

1-2-1 Training

Private Individual lesson

 working closely with your dog and Trainer





Enclosed Dog Walking Fields

For Private Hire

Located at:

Wokingham (coming soon)

All of our fields are Large enclosed fencing and offered for

exclusive hire.


Owners have the peace of mind knowing that they can walk their dog within a safe environment, whether alone or with their doggie friends, this facility is ideal.

30 min & 1 Hour time slots 
(longer sessions available)

Private Hire
Quiet Location

Water - Seating


4 Acres of Freedom
6ft Fencing 


Agility Classes - Fidosfun Agility Club

FidosFun Classes are for dog owners who would like to have fun with their dog whilst enhancing obedience and focus, while bonding through the enjoyment of exercise and socialising with other Dogs.  

We have a couple of trainers at Fidosfun Agility Club who would be very happy to help weather you have never trained your dog at agility or are regularly competing at Independant, UKA or Kennel Club shows. Our Instructors are all qualified Agility Club Instructors with a vast experience of training from puppy level, competitions and also as

Kennel Club Agility Judges. 

We offer three level of classes. 


Foundation -  This is for a total beginner wishing to try Agility. 

Improver     -   Our Improver class is a continuation of training following on from 
                         the foundation Beginner class, or for handlers who have gained
                         some basic agility experience. 

Advanced    -   This Class offers training with all equipment, covering course
                          techniques, contact training and handling.

Handlers gain great training with their dog, who in turn gain confidence and experience whilst learning and having fun.

We pride ourselves in being a positive friendly Club and like owners to feel that they are part of a club with like minded people who would like the same end result.  Love, Fun and enjoyment of their dogs and the encouragement of each other.  

1.  All dogs should be friendly.  Should a dog show any signs of aggression they will be asked to leave the class.  No refunds will be given for the remainder of the course.


2.  Should your dogs come into season please do not attend the class whilst bleeding.

3.  Please notify us by text/pm if you will be unable to attend a class.

4.  Please ensure that you dog has done their 'busys' before entering the class and at NO TIME allow your dog to pee on or up the equipment..


5. Owners take full responsibility of their dogs whilst using Fidosfun Enclosed Fields.  Fidosfun take no responsibility for accidents or injury whilst visiting.

6. Owners MUST have their own dog insurance and take full responsiblity


Foundation Beginner Class - Drive and Fun... This course encourages your dog to gain confidence going on away from your side, yet coming back for their reward of either their tuggie toy or treat.  Your dog will start with ground work training along with teaching the handler vocal commands and body language of their position.  Foundation training is very important in all disciplines of dog training.  With our Agility training we encourage owners to continue with homework helping you to understand your dog and their behaviour.  

4 week Course - 1 hour sessions - £45.00

(plse see our  Foundation Class Page for dates of our next class)

Improver  Class - Following on from the basic Foundation Beginner training, this course continues to encourage you and your dog to build in confidence to be able to introduce additional equipment, working on technique and control.  This course is available to handlers who have some basic agility experience whether from Fidosfun or other trainers.

6 week Course - 1 hour sessions - £60.00

(plse see our Improvers Class Page for dates of the next class or call us to join in.

Advanced Class -  Our Advanced training is for handlers who are looking to further their training skills and techniques.  Teaching tighter turns, drive and accuracy whether preparing for a competition or improving fun.

6 week Course - 1 hour sessions - £60.00

(please see our Improver Class Page for dates of the next class or call us to join in.

1-2-1 Training - 30 minutes of individual training. 


One on one time with your training is a great way to practise some individual techniques, allow your dog to focus on just you without the distraction of his class mates with that individual attention.

30 minutes - £20.00 Field / £25.00 Barn
(training held in the field is subject to weather & availability)

Please contact us to arrange a time.

DISCLAIMER :  Please note, Fidosfun cannot accept responsibility for personal injury to Owners/Dogs whilst using the Secure Dog Walking Field, Agility Equipment, classes and 121 training



Rules of Use - CoronaVirus

Please follow Govt Guidelines.

Sanitize & DO NOT visit should you have any Covid symptoms 


All of our Fields are available for Exclusive Hire.  Just you and your dog in the peace of the countryside.  Or why not bring a friend and enjoy letting them socialise with their doggie friends.

Binfield Walking Field NO. 1-    Our 3 Acre field offers that extra space for a great run with Seating, Water and Poo Bins.  Parking is within the field.  Its easy, open the gate, drive into the field, close the gate and allow your dogs to jump out of the car and immediately have the Freedom to Run.  

(Max 4 dogs per person)

Binfield Enclosed Field NO 2
 - Our 4 Acre field is fully enclosed with 6ft fencing (apart from the gate).  Parking is within the field, again making it easy for you to just drive in and let the dogs out of the car to run freely.
Please park on the hardstanding (not on the grass).  PLEASE follow the drive up and the field is situated behind Field NO 1

All Poo MUST be picked up and place in a bag in the bin provided.
Water is available at the water trough.  Beware the dogs love to jump in too. x

Fields are Priced below:

30 min session - £5.00 per session   
1 Hour session - £10.00 per session

(by Paypal OR Debit/Credit Card as Paypal Guest)

Please note:  Cancellations will be subject to 50p bank/admin charge.
To cancel or Reschedule please pm/text or email within 24hrs notice.

(NB: To book for longer than 30/1hr mins please re-book the next time slot.



Tel:         07946 451629

Facebook message: Fidosfun


6am - 10pm Mondy - Sundy

(Summer Hours)


8am - 4.30pm    Monday - Sunday   (7 days)

(Winter Hours)

© Copyright 2017 by FidosFun 

When contacting or booking services with Fidosfun, please note that we will keep you in touch with you on future offers.  Your details will never be passed to external agents.

Should you wish not to receive details please confirm by email.  Thank you

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