Rules of Using Fidosfun  Enclosed Fields

1. Please only turn up 5 mins before your time and park away from the gateway so that the previous person can leave safely.
2. Ensure that you leave at the end of your time (plse do not overrun)
3. Please be courteous to other dog walkers when arriving/leaving
4. Parking is inside each field.  Please only let your dog(s) out once parked.
5. ALWAYS please pick up POO and help us keep this area clean & tidy.
    Bins are Provided.
6. Max of 4 dogs per personal ONLY (this is to help with poo being picked up)
7. Do NOT bring dog(s) to the field if they have a contagious illness.

8. Please consider our Neighbours when using the fields.
9. Owners take full responsibility of their dogs whilst using Fidosfun Enclosed Fields and should watch them at all times.  Fidosfun take no responsibility for accidents or injury whilst visiting.
10. Owners MUST have their own dog insurance and take full responsiblity.

And above all - We hope that you have fun with your dogs and family.