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Rules of Using Fidosfun  Enclosed Fields

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DO NOT  Fields if showing signs of Kennel Cough or any Contagious Disease. 


1.  Please ensure you have chosen the correct field & Location you wish before Booking.  We have several locations.  Binfield, Wokingham & Finchampstead.

Confirmed Hires are Non transferable and cannot be sold to a third party.


2. Cancellations are NON-REFUNDABLE.


3. Reschedules - 48hrs Notice.   Dates/Times  can be made by logging into your Member Profile.  NOTE. Fields cannot be changed.
a. Go to Bookings on your profile.
b. Make Amendments.   
Changes cannot be made less than 48hrs  to the booking due to customer error/changes or bad weather. 



4a.  BINFIELD FIELDS - Max 3 Dogs with 1 Person / Max 4 dogs with 2 people +
b.    WOKINGHAM FIELDS - STRICTLY  - 3 Dogs / 2 Cars at any one time.
c.     WOODLAND WALK - Max 5 Dogs

Should you wish to hold a Puppy Party or Event, please contact us by email.

Owners MUST NEVER climb the Gates.  This can damage the lock to the gate which stops them working correctly.  ALWAYS CLOSE THE GATES BEHIND YOU.  

DO NOT let people into our fields without keycodes when required.



Please ensure you have received your keycode before arriving to the field/woodland.

Cookies must be accepted to allow your email provider to accept the notification.
When Leaving PLEASE DO NOT let other people into the site without giving proof of the Keycode.  This is for our customers security.

5.  Please Only turn up 5 mins before your time and Park away from the gateway so that eh previous person can leave safely & ALWAYS Leave on Time (do not overrun)


6.  ALWAYS - Pick up your dogs Poo and place in the Bins Provided.  
This is for your benefit and keeps the fields clean and tidy.

(NOTE :  CCTV Cameras are in Action)

7.  Please be courteous and polite to other customers arriving/leaving.  

(You will not be able to use our fields/Woodland if abusive behaviour is reported)

8.  Customers/Dog Owners take full responsibility of their dogs whilst using Fidosfun Ltd and should have their own dog insurance to cover unlikely events. Fidosfun Ltd take no responsibility for lost/stolen/accidents or injury to animals/people/personal possessions.

And above all - We hope that you have fun with your dogs and family.

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