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Q.  Will there be other owners and their dogs in the field at the same time?
A.   No.  By booking Fidosfun Fields/Woodland you are paying for exclusive use of the field/woodland for you and/or your friends.

Q.  Is the cost per dog or for the length of hire period?

A.   The price quoted is for the total number of dogs stated for the hire period booked.

      NB:  Wokingham Fields   Total Maximum 3 Dogs.  
              Binfield Fields         1 Person walking total maximum 3 Dogs. 

                                             2+ People Total Maximum 4 Dogs

              Woodland Walk       Total Maximum 5 Dogs.

Q.  Can I bring more dogs than stated on the Terms of Booking?
A.   We ask that customers only bring the maximum number of dogs allowed at each field (as shown when booking).  Should you wish to bring more dogs, please email

Q.  Where can I find the address of each Field/Woodland?
A.   The full address of each location will be emailed to you when you book.  Fidosfun prefer this system to ensure our customer safety.

Q.  Which Fields/Woodland have keycodes?  
A.   Immediately your booking has been confirmed you will also receive a keycode for the field.  Please DO read the booking confirmation which states if a keycode is required.

Should a keycode not be received at the time of booking, this could be due to security settings with your email provider.  (Our Keycode notification is on a different setting to our confirmation/payment email).  Please always accept cookies, check spam, check your security settings, clear cache.  This should enable the keycode to be received.   


Please contact our office at the time of booking if the keycode is not received immediately.  (Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)
Do not arrive at the field/woodland without the keycode.  You will not get in!

NOTE :  Keycodes are changed regularly - PLEASE Read/Check you have a valid keycode on the notification sent at the time of booking. 

No Refund will be provided.

Q.  Should I pick up my own dogs Poo?
A.   Owners MUST always pick up their own dogs Poo.  We would hate for you to step into poo and this is in consideration for all other dog users.

Q.  Do I need to be a member to book the fields/woodland?
A.  No.  To book please go to our online calendar.  Please be aware that you will only be able to reschedule your booking as a member though.

Approval can take time to authorise and we ask customers take this into consideration. 


Q.  Can I Reschedule my Booking?
A.   Yes.  Bookings can be rescheduled with 48hrs notice on the system in the same field originally booked.  To reschedule please log into your profile on a laptop.

Customers with a pricing plans are also able to reschedule the time plus field. 

PLEASE NOTE - changes must be made on a computer rather than phone.

Q.  What do I do if I have not received a keycode for the Woodland/Fields which need a code?

A.  Keycodes are sent immediately you book.  When booking please check you have received 1. Booking confirmation. 2. Payment Receipt 3. Keycode Access 

Q.  Are Cancellations Refunded?

A.   No.  However, when purchasing a pricing plan this allows you to cancel the booking and the session is added back to the remaining sessions.  This allows customers to change Days/Times plus Fields/Woodland

Q.  Can I change to a different field once booked?

A.  Changes to different fields can be changed when you have a pricing plan.  Just cancel and the session will be added back onto your plan.

Q.  Are customer errors refunded?
A.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on the system.  Should an error be made with your times, dont worry.  Your booking can be rescheduled and/or booked for another time.  (Please note changes can only be made with 48hrs notice)

Q.  Are the Fields/Woodland fully enclosed from all types of wildlife?

A.  Wildlife cover a wide range of animals and Fidosfun Ltd cannot take responsibility 
for any wildlife being in the enclosed areas.  Eventhough we have never had a dog jump our fences sinces opening, there are some wildlife that can.  This should be taken into consideration by owners before booking and attending our fields/woodland.

Q.  Can I bring my bitch when in Season?

A.  Yes.  Our fields/woodland are used for that purpose while some owners prefer not to walk their dogs with others.

Q.  Can I bring my dog to Fidosfun Ltd when ill with contagious diseases?

A.  No Definitely Not.  This is unacceptable as this puts other customers dogs are at risk.

Q.  Can we park in the Field/Woodland?
A.  Yes.  We have hard standing in some of our fields which we ask that customers park
on and do not drive onto the grass.  Please do not move the cones.  We ask that customers do not drive into Wokingham Field 2 during Winter Months.  A chain will stop the gate opening during this time as there is no hard standing in this field.

Q. Can we hold family picnics in the field/woodland?

A.  Yes, but we do ask that you take all Rubbish away when leaving.

Q.  Do we need to close the gate when leaving?
A.  Yes please.  With keycoded gates, PLEASE do not hold the gate or let others into the field/woodland unless they provide the keycode.

Q.  Can I stay longer than the time booked?
A.   No.  We do ask customers to be ready to leave when your hire time comes to an end.  Please do consider others.  We are sure all customers would be very frustrated to turn up to hire and have to wait while the previous customer spends time getting their dogs in the car etc.  Please be ready to leave at the end of the hire time.

Q.  What do I do if someone is in the field I have hired when I arrive?

A.  Our bookings system is very accurate, however on the odd occasion a double booking can occur.  Please be patient.  Firstly please double check you have the correct field/time.  If correct, Please call us on 07946 451629.  


Q.  Do I turn the handle of the keycoded gate up or down to open?

A.  To open the gates, please turn the handle DOWN to open.

Q.  Can I walk my dog around outside of the field if I arrive early?
A.  We ask that our customers leave their dogs in the car until they are parked in the field, or once the previous customer has put their dogs back into their car.  Please be aware some dogs are not friendly.... This is for you and your dogs safety..

Q. Do I need insurance to visit Fidosfun Ltd?

A. Yes, we ask that all customers have insurance on each dog.  Owners take full responsibility of their dogs, actions and behaviour.

Q.  Can XL Bully Breed of Dogs visit Fidosfun Ltd?

A.  Yes, in our Woodland Walk Finchampstead only.  The single facility allows your dog to enjoy a peaceful walk off lead without a muzzle.  NB.  Customers must have available an exemption certificate, plus third party insurance.


Q.  What do I do if I have a question about my booking?
A.  Please note our office hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.   We ask if you have a query concerning your booking that you contact us by email or telephone during these times.  Emergencies outside of these hours please call 07946 451629


Q.  What do I do if I find an issue or concern with the field/woodland when I am using the facility.

A.  Please do contact us either by telephone or email.  However, if you feel it is a situation that needs immediate attention -  please do call 07946 4516229. 

If you need to call outside of office hour and your call isnt answered immediately PLEASE do leave a message and /or send a text and we will reply asap.  Thank you



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