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 1-2-1 Training - 30 minute session

Individual training  Available for various levels.


This allows that one on one time, where focus can be gained on certain training points, whether its practising the weaves, contacts or just that time alone for you and your dog. 

Early Learning Stage  - Younger dogs (over 6 months old) benefit to this training, by getting to know your puppy teaching them obedience and focus in a safe enclosed space where they can learn having a reward with that free run around the field at the end of their training.  

30 minute sessions can be booked between 9am - 6pm (subject to availability)

30 minute - £20.00 per session (Outdoor)  £25.00 (Indoor). 1-2-1.

(The outdoor grass paddock is subject to weather and availability)

Please contact us have a chat and arrange the best time.

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