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Are you Aware?

Can we please ask customers to be aware when using Fidosfun Fields.

Gates must always be shut even if someone is waiting. They may not have booked and by letting them into the field upsets the next person turning up to find someone in the field. Our system very very rarely double books... If there is an issue when arriving please call immediately when we will help resolve the problem. (usually caused by human error of people turning up to the wrong field or on the wrong day!).

We cannot run the fields and system without your help and would really appreciate kindness to each other using the fields.

Unfortunately, Key Pads and cctv cameras are now also being organised for the Binfield fields due to misuse from the minority but we hope that this will enhance the experience with our lovely customers!

We are always trying to enhance your experience at Fidosfun and most of all want you all to enjoy your time here with your dogs.

Our passion is ensuring Fidosfun is the best it can be. Should you have any concerns, or issues when using the fields or our booking system, please do let us know immediately.


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Road Closure

Reminder Binfield Fields are accessible this morning only from Maidenhead Road end between 9-12noon. PLEASE ignore the sign when entering Bottle Lane from this end of the lane.


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