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Be Courtesy & Friendly

Just afew Reminders on this Wet Sunday Morning concerning Fidosfun Fields.

Please :

Be friendly and considerate to each other....

When leaving the fields, Please DO leave on time.

Please consider the next person needs to enter the field at their start time, NOT

5 minutes later....

Please DO always Shut the gate when leaving/ or if someone is waiting ask them for the keycode if you wish to hold the gate open for them. The keycodes are in place for your assurance. Allowing a person to enter without, may result in the correct person who has booked the field to turn up with someone else using the field.

Please DO pick up your dog poo and Please DO discourage your dog not to dig holes next the the adjoining field fence or anywhere else in the field. Im sure if your dog hurt himself running on a hole you would not be happy....

If you do arrive early for your field hire, thats great, but can we also ask that your dogs stay in your cars until you enter the field.

We love everyone enjoying the fields and getting feedback. ALL we ask is that Courtesy and a Friendly behaviour is given to each other when visiting.

Our CCTV camera's are active for your comfort and should an issue occur footage will be considered.


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