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CCTV Cameras

We would like to make all customers aware that Fidosfun will be installing CCTV Cameras to all of our Fields shortly.

This is to attempt to keep our fields Clean and Tidy and should customers feel that it is ok to Not Pick up their own dogs Poo or to leave Cigarette ends around the benches they will be contacted and not be able to return to any of the Fidosfun fields.

Its is unfortunately that we have had to take this action, but hope that our customers that enjoy the fields and are of great help to keep them clean understand that this is the only way to discourage inconsiderate behaviour.

We really hope that you all enjoy our fields and try out best to make them a safe enjoyable place for you and your dog to have fun.


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Hey guys if field 2 and 3 only an hour minimum and cost 12 for 2 and 15 £ for 3 Maybe stop the private walkers who don’t care


We recently visited one of the fields and cleaned up 3 piles near the entrance it's sad that it has come to this


It’s a shame - I was there today and picked up 4 that didn’t belong to my dog - if people could just be more responsible the they wouldn’t need to do this. I hope though it solves the issue.


Shame it has come to this

Isobel Reeves
Isobel Reeves
Aug 24, 2022
Replying to

Sad that it has come to this but I think it’s for the best!

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