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Closure of fields!!!

We have been informed by the land owners that if customers continue to not pick up their dog poo that they will withdraw the land from use and no longer allow Fidosfun's customers to use the fields!!

They have also informed us that despite signage stating for customers to take their own rubbish home !!! They still continue to fill the poo bins with domestic waste..

Please, if you are not picking up your dog poo or taking home your rubbish DO NOT BOOK THE FIDOSFUN FIELDS...

Other Customers Need these Fields...



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If you are not prepared to pick up your dogs poo then don't get a dog!! Cameras should absolutely be installed, then ban the people that can't use the fields appropriately! Also this email notification went into my spam (I regularly search fidosfun in my emails as I like to stay updated so that was the only reason I saw it) but is there maybe a different way to send out this message so that everyone sees it (and hopefully the disgusting culprits)!!??


We always, always pick up our dogs' mess and take any rubbish home with us. It's a shame that people who don't will end up spoiling it for the rest of us


We were in field 3 yesterday and cleared up a huge poo which was so obvious as well as our own dogs poos. We are always finding, and clearing dog poo out of field 1 woky and I did 2 our of field 2 on Easter Sunday (I mean 2 not from my dogs). So annoying 😞.

Replying to

Today I’ve cleaned up 3 lots of dog poo which were not my dogs !! And it’s big ones so how any owner can not see it is unbelievable!! So unfair as I do not want my dogs running in it !!


We were surprised at the amount of very large poo left in the field, it was the first time we had used it , with very small dogs that we picked up after we did not really want to clean up first. We did wonder if there had been foxes but seemed rather a lot!


Often pick up others dog poo 💩

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