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It's great to see so many dogs enjoying the fields in the sun today 😍

Just a reminder, can customers please check their contact details and the days and times they booking on the system before confirming. We have had an increasing amount of customers turning up at the wrong time/day which effects the person who is booked into the field at the right time. (At one point today being made to leave!)

We really would like all customers to enjoy our fields and show each other courtesy. The booking confirmation will be received immediately your booking is made (along with a keycode for Wokingham fields). Please, if this hasn't been received contact us. Your booking details can also be seen by logging onto your booking profile on the website/app.

Yhe system very very rarely double books... if someone is in the field at the time you have booked and there are any concerns please do call us at that time. We are unable to sort issues if we are contacted after the event.

Mobile : 07946 451629 (this can also be found on the website)

Thank you so much. X


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10 sept. 2022

As explained on our booking confirmation details. Please contact us should this happen. On the very rare ocassion we have opportunists who do not book. If someone says I'm not showing a confirmation undoubtedly they haven't booked. We cannot deal with a situation if contacted several hours later.


I was in field 2 this morning at 7.00 Gentleman approached and asked if I was booked. Offered to show email and receipt but offer declined as he was going to take it up with you. I checked anyway and was correct - would have left immediately if was wrong.

Upset as one dogs walk got spoilt and now escalated.

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