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Gates to our Fields

Can we please ask, that when leaving our fields at Fidosfun the gate is ALWAYS closed behind you.

Left open the hinge will drop when left to swing in the wide causing the gate to not close which could be very frustrating when you arrive for your walk.

ALSO gentle reminder... Please PICK UP YOUR DOGS POO..

Thanks for your co-operation.


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Road Closure

Reminder Binfield Fields are accessible this morning only from Maidenhead Road end between 9-12noon. PLEASE ignore the sign when entering Bottle Lane from this end of the lane.

Grass All Cut & Gorgeous

We are pleased to say that at last we have been able to get the grass cut on all of the Fidosfun fields. We hope you enjoy our fields and have fun through the summer months 🥰


terri vg
terri vg

I always pick my dogs poo., even though one of them gets a bit of a runny🤔 tummy when anxious

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