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Grass Cutting

We would just like to apologise to customers for the grass being abit long in our fields at Fidosfun and too explain why they haven't yet been cut as some customers have asked.

Due to the fields being on clay, plus the wet weather and intermittent sunshine helping the grass grow we are unable to get onto the field with the tractor as it is too heavy for the ground and will completely ruin the fields making a mud bath. Some customers have said they have mowed their lawn, however a mower being alot lightly and over a smaller area enables people to get the grass cut.

We also want the fields looking good for all of our customers and as soon as they have dried out and a tractor can get onto them we will have the grass all short and tidy.

Hopefully you are still able to enjoy our fields.


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Road Closure

Reminder Binfield Fields are accessible this morning only from Maidenhead Road end between 9-12noon. PLEASE ignore the sign when entering Bottle Lane from this end of the lane.

Grass All Cut & Gorgeous

We are pleased to say that at last we have been able to get the grass cut on all of the Fidosfun fields. We hope you enjoy our fields and have fun through the summer months 🥰


Mine actually loves the long grass... Good for scent training and searching 😊😊


Jayne Naylor
Jayne Naylor
May 12, 2023

My dogs love it too! 😀


Better smells in long grass. You could leave some long areas.


No problem :)

My dogs love a run in longer grass sometimes to be honest!!

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