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Important - Entering Fields

WOKINGHAM - It has come to our attention that customers are driving out of our Wokingham fields and not closing the gate behind them but allowing someone to enter after them...

Please note our Rules of Hire are for All Customers to CLOSE GATES when leaving.

If someone is waiting to enter the field when you leave, you should not let them in (unless they state the keycode to you)

We have the keycode System for a reason.

It is a shame when we have genuine customers paying to use the fields but then when they leave they feel it's ok to let a non paying person in.

CCTV cameras are in place. Should customers not close the gate when leaving bookings cannot be accepted in the future.

Please help us to keep the fields for your enjoyment. Thank you for your cooperation

Fidosfun fields


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2 comentários

Does this just apply to Wokingham? We regularly hold the gate open for the next person at Binfield as there's no codes?


I'll admit we don't always ask the code to those who are waiting....more a nod, thumbs up kinda manoeuvre. Do you have the same issues at Binfield where there are

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