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Keycode Access

We hope that all of our customers are enjoying Fidosfun Fields. With Spring around the corner it will be a busy time for everyone include our maintenance crew of cutting grass and hedges to ensure the fields are all looking well maintained.

We would like to remind customers, when booking a field you will receive a Booking Confirmation, Receipt of Payment, PLUS a keycode to access the field. This will be sent immediately your booking is made, subject to the location of your field. Please do read your confirmation carefully.

Please do ensure that you accept the cookies on our website. Without accepting cookies your email provider will not allow the keycode notification to be delivered. (plse also check your spam if not received).

Should the keycode not be received immediately your confirmation is received, customers should contact us at Fidosfun Fields asap. The keycode is changed regularly so please do ensure it is valid for the date you are booked to visit the field.

Fidosfun Fields are unable to accept responsibility for customers who have not checked these details. We try our absolute best to be available or respond to queries as quickly as possible, however to ensure that you are able to access the fields we recommend that you have the keycode details 24hrs before arriving.

When leaving the fields please always CLOSE the Gate. This may seem impolite if someone is waiting to drive into the field. However, we have had on the very rare occasion people not having booked, entering the field when people let them in... This is then very frustrating to a genuine customer who arrives to find someone in the field!

This is our reason for using a keycode access system and hope that it works well for our customers.

Should any issues arise when using the fields, please do call when the situation arises to enable Fidosfun to deal with the situation.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation x

Best Wishes



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