When using our walking fields dogs should NOT be taken out of the car and walked round the outside of our fields or by the gate entrance!

Please do consider other Dog Owners....

Owners come to our fields for different reasons. Some dogs are very nervous and reactive and walking round the outside of the field or around the gateway before your time can upset some dogs.

We would like to help everyone enjoy their time at Fidosfun in a safe, calm enviroment, Please help us to do this...

Rules of Use:

* Remember to pick up your Poo and place in bins provided. * Leave on time. (we all want the amount of time paid for). * Do not drive/park on the grass. Now the wet weather is upon us driving onto the grass will end up making it very muddy and not only risk your car getting stuck, but mean the field needs to be Closed...

Thank you - These fields are for your fun - Please look after them...


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