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Wokingham Field 1 - NOW OPEN

We are pleased to let you know that our larger field one has now been opened for our customers to enjoy. This location is very peaceful with large amount of wildlife to enjoy.

This field has a lovely bench and larger area for your dogs to run and all within the enclosed 6ft fencing with key code gate.

Please note, field 2 has been taken offline until we have some screen fencing between the two fields, however their maybe dogs being exercised field 2 which have booked before field 1 has become live.

We hope that you enjoy the new fields and if you have any great photos of your dogs having fun or would like to google review our service we would be pleased to see the fun you are having.

All online and ready to book.

(please note - your key code access notification may go to your spambot - we are working on this technical problem to resolve. If found in spam could we please ask that the email is moved to your inbox to ensure you receive future emails to the inbox. Thank you)


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